"Cameron's wild enthusiasm was exactly what the corporate doctor ordered. We've never had a better conference!""
-Sarah Wark, Fairmont Hotels

Cameron's gift for gripping an audience isn't limited to sporting arenas. His public speaking engagements have inspired crowds at college campuses, high school auditoriums, and corporate conferences across the globe.

His unparalleled ability to energize never fails to bring the entire room to its feet, rousing fits of laughter, clapping, and some pretty sweet dance moves to boot, all before he even takes the stage.

But when he starts speaking is when the real magic happens. Seriously, he does this rabbit out-of-the-hat thing that will absolutely blow your mind! Just kidding... He can, though, if that's what your event needs ;)

Through his unique blend of candidness and humor, Cameron's messages awaken audiences' playful and emotional sides, exciting a hunger for betterment through change within them. Here are just some of the many topics his addresses have covered:

  • Unity through community
  • The power of cheer
  • Unmasking your potential
  • The importance of thinking differently
  • The art of getting up and going for it

"Cameron was a huge hit at our recent sold-out conference. We traded a coffee break for an "unexpected" interruption in the program and he nailed it! The delegates were surprised and got on their feet clapping and dancing along with Cameron. His heartfelt message was both emotional and motivational. He did a great job for us at RE/MAX!""


So, what are you waiting for? Is there an event that you need Cameron to take to the next level? Book him today, and he'll help you get there.

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